Ashley is…

headshot_2An audio engineer, singer, songwriter and overall music and arts enthusiast.  She has always been an active participant, supporter and personal promoter of the arts, especially for her very talented friends.

In addition to her work as an engineer and performer, Ashley has an insatiable appetite for discovering new works of art and constant interest in sharing her findings with her peers.   And so we have – all the info on Ashley and a home for her thoughts and recommendations  on music and the arts in the tri-state area and beyond.

Ashley’s Music Musings blog contains her latest observations on music and the arts, including the latest performances, film screenings/festivals, art openings/exhibits, and any other arts events from Ashley’s circle and mainstream artists that she deems worthwhile.

If you are a musician, actor, filmmaker, visual artist or participate in another form of the arts  (that was somehow left out of this mention) and would be interested in having your work featured on this site, please feel free to email Ashley at

You can find all the latest information on Ashley’s artistic pursuits by clicking on the role – specific tabs above.